Saturday, March 22, 2014

loren hope spring/summer 2014

I'm in desperate need of sunshine and free time, and Loren Hope's Spring/Summer 2014 look book is really hitting the spot. The styling screams summer, the baubles are beautiful, and the concept - A Palm Springs Fling - is too cute.

^^ Basically the craft tray of my dreams ... 

As Fergie (the Pea, not the Duchess) would say, g-l-a-m-o-r-o-u-s! 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

oscar sunday

Oscar Sunday has arrived! The grand finale of the awards season hits the red carpet tonight and I'm excited to check out of the dresses - with a close eye on a few best dressed darlings like Lupita Nyong'o, Jennifer Lawrence, Reese Witherspoon and Michelle Dockery. I love this infographic with the Best Actress dresses all listed ... a great blast from the past!

And I can't forget about Ellen! Talk about hostess with the mostess ... 

Happy viewing!

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Friday, February 14, 2014

xoxo, from crawleys and co.

Can't even say how much I love these Downton Abbey Valentines from Cobalt & Dash. Click through to download and send to your favorite folks, from upstairs and downstairs. 

What an Earl wants? Wanna spoon? Gold, pure gold. 

Other sweet things ... 
Happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

loving // the waterlogue app

It was just another day, trolling my Instagram feed, when a few fancy photos caught my eye. I quickly clicked through (I'm a sucker for hashtags) and discovered the source of the pretty: Waterlogue. Despite coming in at a steep (for me*) $2.99, Waterlogue is my new favorite app. The gist: it turns your food/flower/vacation/home photos into beautiful (and realistic) watercolors.

I played around with a few photos on my Camera Roll (because Hilton Head looks pretty good compared to this #polarvortex thing IN has going on) and loved the results! The app offers a few different watercolor settings, ranging from Bold to Blotted, and can save the photo to your phone or send to your sharing apps.

*I really hardly ever spend money on apps ... I think long and hard about even a $.99 purchase! So spending 3 bucks on an app? Big deal.

all photos via my iPhone!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

psyched for sochi!


 I'm a major fan of the Olympics. Sure, I may favor the Summer session (it's the retired swimmer in me + ... abs!), but I really do love it all. I get sucked into the ceremonies, the background stories and the scenery. Fun fact: I was studying abroad during the 2012 Olympics in Vancouver and I remember watching events while couch surfing in Paris, hanging at our host Amelie's apartment!

The Winter Olympics is my dad's jam: he's a huge skier. He's been a ski instructor for over 30 years, and can rattle off the ski leaders like I know The Bachelor contestants. I'll never catch up to his level of knowledge, but I'm excited to follow along!

One name I do know: Nick Goepper, a freeskier from my Indiana hometown (that's him, catching big air in the image above). Nick was a part of our swim team carpool and a very frequent visitor to our community pool where my brothers and I were lifeguards. You should see him on the diving board!

He's also a featured athlete in the P&G Thank You Mom campaign, which I love, love, love! (London's commercial will forever make me tear up, and this year's is just as good). I get a major kick out of seeing Nick filmed at home in Hidden Valley and at Perfect North Slopes. It's too funny to see our neighborhood and local ski area on the news!

Good luck to Nick and all of the US Olympians competing in Sochi! 

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

whoruntheworld // heroic women, by bing

I can't help but get inspired by these heroic women of 2013 (and to the tune of one of my favorite songs too!). Bravo, bing

Thursday, January 16, 2014

tbt // #whholiday [White House Holiday Social]

This past December, I had the huge honor of being invited to the White House for a White House Social event for the holiday season. The White House tweeted and pinned a link to the application, and on a whim (because why not!) I applied. That was on Monday, and by Thursday night, I was booking a weekend flight to DC!

My big bro Andy was my tour guide and gracious host for the weekend - thanks, Andy! I've visited him a few times in DC, but he recently moved to Bethesda so it was fun to see his new place. 

Now, the official business ... the event! I have never been inside the White House before, so I was so excited to see everything - and in full holiday mode, no less!

The #WHHoliday day was put together by the White House digital team, and include a mix of 15 bloggers, teachers, military family members, photographers and social fans like myself. Our WH hostess, Kasie, gave us a tour of the East Wing and its decorations, and set up time with White House staff in the afternoon.

Twenty-four Christmas trees are on the White House grounds ... and each are dressed to the nines! Later in the afternoon, we listened to the White House Executive Pastry Bill Yosses (he says POTUS is a pie guy) and Chief Floral Designer Lara Dowling talk about the preparations for the holiday season. The planning starts in the summer, with the First Lady picking the theme and the team gathering the volunteers, supplies and stamina for the months ahead. 

Laura said FLOTUS is a huge fan of recycling and repurposing materials to create the decorations. During the tour, I saw pipecleaners twisted to form a doorway arch, berries and pinecone scales in a geometric pattern, covering pillars, and golden leaves (from administration decor, decades ago!) glued on glass vases. 

It was very cool to see the states participating in the festivities as well - in the Blue Room, the White House Christmas tree was decorated in pictures and family photos from military families. The garland of "coming home" photos was a personal favorite!

It was definitely a day to remember. There's nothing like Christmastime at the White House!

For more ...
... info on the holidays at the White House, visit
... pics (!), visit my Pinterest board

**ah, nothing like using a social media phenomenon to cover for my lack of blogging skills! I'm going to try to resurface cool things I haven't blogged about (cough going to the White House, cough running a marathon) because toot toot, if you can't brag on your own blog ... where are ya going to do it?