Tuesday, March 29, 2011

inspired by... pint-sized style

I've been keeping my eye out for new spring inspiration, and I must say that I've been drifting towards the girls section in many cases.  Why?  The clothes are actually super cute!  Little girls don't shy away from bright flowers, big headbands, pretty colors... it's a constant reminder that yes, fashion can be fun.

Bottom line: I need to step up my game or I will be passed up by the newest wave of fashionistas: the 10 and under crowd!

image credits...
Burberry: pursuit of style
crewcuts: jcrewing
Zara & Tory Burch: I'd rather be shopping
HTG 81 kids: forever21

Friday, March 25, 2011

springtime in the air

(via dress design decor)

This past week, Indy had extraordinary weather: sunny, blue skies, high temperatures.  Everyone headed to a green space and soaked in the sun.  Next time Mother Earth bestows her good graces on my neck of the woods, I'll be ready with contents chic and tasty enough for a Parisian picnic.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

flickr love: kendilea

I've never been a huge browser on flickr.... until I stumbled upon this photo stream by Kendi during my daily (hourly?) Pinterest browsing.

The beauty of her "daily wear" album is that she dresses like a real person--rewearing pieces and mixing and matching her outfits.  Even bold pieces like a blue gingham shirt or hot pink skirt look fresh with each wardrobe change.

Some of my favorite looks:
Kendie Everyday pink skirt

Kendie Everday navy

Kendie Everyday pink and stripes

Kendie Everday fashion
(all via kendilea)

Having just bought a blue gingham shirt from Old Navy myself, I love the last image: 7 wears to wear a blue gingham shirt.  I can't wait to put my own spin on her looks!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

workout motivation: the glory days

(via Audrey Kitching)
“Whenever I feel unmotivated before a run, I think back to the swim practices I did when I was younger; by the end, I had to practically be pulled out of the pool because I was so exhausted. I know how much my body is capable of—and there is nothing better than that feeling of accomplishment you have when you finish a hard-core workout.” —Tiffany, 26, Louisville, Ky
I found this quote on "Your Workout Motivation-Found!" on Glamour.com and was immediately blown away by how true it rings for me!  Friends and I were just talking about the glory days of high school sports: how we didn't even think about not training... it was just a part of our day.  I really (realllly) took for granted how strong my body was during swimming, and remembering that will hopefully motivate me to get back into shape. 

Here's to workout motivation being found!

Monday, March 21, 2011

soft-lilac-lavender-pink nails

(via eva chen)
Lately I have been majorly into new nail polish colors... some classic, some definitely not (my mom was not a fan of my very very dark navy polish last week until she convinced it was "Butler Blue" in honor of Saturday's game!).

The latest: a very light pink/purple by Revlon.  My own manicure job was a tad uneven, so I found a similar (and probably professionally done) hand to model instead.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

blog swoon: Looks Good To Me

I was in the midst of my read-my-entire-list-of-favorite-blogs unwinding time and was just utterly awestruck by this "Viva Mexico!" print on Looks Good To Me.  I know I've been in a Spring Break-state of mind, but I think I would love her work no matter what mood!

Looks Good to Me red shoes watercolor

Looks Good to Me Dolly Parton watercolor

Looks Good to Me black berry sorbet watercolor
(all via Looks Good To Me)
What a talented person--blogger & artist!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

recent purchase: kate spade

(via papyrus)

A recent trip to TJ Maxx left me very happy: I picked up this adorable note set by Kate Spade. The sayings are too cute: "call your mom", "doodle", & "small note. big deal". 

Double bonus: it was $10 at TJ versus $20 on Papyrus.  Oh, the little things in life...

Monday, March 14, 2011

perfectly polished

Deborah Lippmann sparkle

Right now, I'm rocking this pink sparkly color and loving it.  This one (appropriately named: Happy Birthday) by Deborah Lippmann is on my nail wishlist.