Thursday, March 24, 2011

flickr love: kendilea

I've never been a huge browser on flickr.... until I stumbled upon this photo stream by Kendi during my daily (hourly?) Pinterest browsing.

The beauty of her "daily wear" album is that she dresses like a real person--rewearing pieces and mixing and matching her outfits.  Even bold pieces like a blue gingham shirt or hot pink skirt look fresh with each wardrobe change.

Some of my favorite looks:
Kendie Everyday pink skirt

Kendie Everday navy

Kendie Everyday pink and stripes

Kendie Everday fashion
(all via kendilea)

Having just bought a blue gingham shirt from Old Navy myself, I love the last image: 7 wears to wear a blue gingham shirt.  I can't wait to put my own spin on her looks!

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