Wednesday, March 23, 2011

workout motivation: the glory days

(via Audrey Kitching)
“Whenever I feel unmotivated before a run, I think back to the swim practices I did when I was younger; by the end, I had to practically be pulled out of the pool because I was so exhausted. I know how much my body is capable of—and there is nothing better than that feeling of accomplishment you have when you finish a hard-core workout.” —Tiffany, 26, Louisville, Ky
I found this quote on "Your Workout Motivation-Found!" on and was immediately blown away by how true it rings for me!  Friends and I were just talking about the glory days of high school sports: how we didn't even think about not training... it was just a part of our day.  I really (realllly) took for granted how strong my body was during swimming, and remembering that will hopefully motivate me to get back into shape. 

Here's to workout motivation being found!

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