Thursday, September 22, 2011

curtain call

yellow floral curtains

I've finally (finally!) seen my apartment, and my head has been spinning with decorating ideas every since.  It is a tiny space--550 square feet--that will require lots of planning, measuring, and crafting but I think I'm more than up to the challenge!

First up on my list: curtains.  I am lucky enough to have a corner space with a great view of the city and really need some beautiful curtains to frame it!  The current/soon-to-be-ex tenant has really pretty light pink ones up and I liked 'em a lot (yes, I took note of her decorating).

Some of the front-runner ideas options.... 


gray chevron curtains
(via Live Creating Yourself)

yellow chevron curtains

gray chevron curtains 2
(via pinterest)

pretty trim!

black pom curtains
(via Maegan)

yellow pom curtains
(via domestikated life)

color blocking!

blue curtains
(via cup of jo)

color block curtains
(via desire to inspire)
Eek... it's time like these that I wish I had more rooms to decorate than what's in my tiny apartment!