Sunday, July 17, 2011

obsessed: Gojee

Gojee homepage

I'm far from an award-winning chef... and by "far from", I mean I've mastered oatmeal and that's about it. Despite having actual skills, I do love food... fueled by my food & drink board on Pinterest and now Gojee.  Described as a Pandora for recipes by Refinery29, this website might just get me in the kitchen to start cooking the food instead of solely looking at it.  

Gojee menu

Recipes are found by narrowing down your cravings, current pantry inhabitants, and foods to avoid.  Based on that combination, the site rounds up enlarged photos of delicious looking foods.  You can mark your favorites for later viewing.  (I already have 16...)

Gojee sayings

An added bonus: while waiting for your recipes to appear, you can marvel at Gojee's sense of humor. Oh yeah, they know they're good. 

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