Sunday, July 24, 2011

weekend snapshots

I had a great weekend at home... relaxing and spending some quality time with my parents.  I decided to put my iPhone to work and documented some highlights, via the always-impressive Instagram. 

instagram libbyjb packing

Saturday's haul from Gap Clearance Outlet... not to be confused with a normal Gap Outlet.  This one--a mere 15 minutes from my house--has Gap/Banana jeans for $6.99. Boom, roasted. 

instagram libbyjb citrus felt coaster

I've been crafting some of these citrus coasters for my new place.  Purl Bee has super simple template, and it's been an easy project.  

instagram libbyjb pinterest laptop

 Lots of pinteresting going on... so many projects, so little time!

instagram libbyjb boating

On Sunday afternoon, we attempted to beat the heat by going out on the lake.  A happy bonus: I combated my office job by working on my tan. 

instagram libbyjb empty bookcase

The theme of the weekend: packing. I didn't get too far, but managed to clear out my bookshelf (mostly) and pack up my books in a few boxes. Two more weeks until I'm on my own...for real!

Other highlights that sadly went undocumented: chocolate chip cookie dough ice-cream and a deer swimming in the lake (true story!)

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