Monday, August 29, 2011

the domino effect

domino Rita Konig
(via {frolic!})
Contributor Rita Konig's digs...

domino Lyons nursery
(via brides)
The Lyons nursery (of THE Jenna Lyons)...

domino for like ever cover
(via luxury living)
And the cover that launched a thousand posters.

This weekend I celebrated my first super unpractical, really didn't need it, purely for my enjoyment purchase... Domino magazine back issues. I already have Dominothe book, but there is just something about a stack of magazines that I can't resist!

I fell in love with Domino, but never had a subscription because, let's face it, I could only do so much with a childhood bedroom. By the time I had rooms of my own, the beloved magazine had folded and I was out of luck.

Until now...!!

domino instagram
My very own Domino archives. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

weekend snapshots

instagram Goodwill

This edition of weekend snapshots has a certain theme: Goodwill Hunting.  I've been a frequent visitor to Goodwill since I moved, and am happy to announce that I've found some deals! 

My favorites: 
  • gold pineapple lamp (came with a working bulb but no shade... I'm working on that...)
  • little white teapot with wicker strap (still with Pier1 tags)
  • blue and white china set: dinner plates, salad plates, big bowls, little bowls, and mugs (and the woven placemats)

I'm officially hooked on the thrill of the hunt. 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

book[shelf] smart

The days of living the simple life (ie, in an unfurnished apartment) are behind me and I am ready to drag as much stuff in here as I can.

As a proud bookworm, I have my fair share of books... of the pretty (Domino), informative (Rick Steves travel books), and educational (anything For Dummies) varieties.  These bookshelf images are inspiring me to put them on proud display (... and scour the streets for stuff to go alongside with 'em).

blue bookshelf
(via real simple)

color coded bookshelf
(via rickshaw design)

spine bookshelf
(via apartment therapy)

Spines in is an interesting twist!  (For all of those embarrassing books, I guess?)

styled bookshelf
(via little green notebook)

styled bookshelf 2
(via little green notebook)

Apparently a beach vacation would really be for the good of the apartment--coral and shells are a bookshelf staple item. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

crushin' on blogshop

This little video of Blogshop in San Fran has me itching (dying, really) for an Indy session... or even the next Chicago one.  The nerd in me knows it would be educational, and the girl in me knows it would be fun... a win-win for both involved parties!  (And how cute are their scarves?!)

Monday, August 15, 2011

weekend snapshots

1. Pretty books in Mass Ave shops. (Spotted: Decorate!)
2. Browsing at the Central branch of the Indianapolis Public Library.  It is beautiful--a mix of old and new.  I see many lazy weekends spent wandering here in my future...
3. Flags and memorials are all over my new 'hood. 

Friday, August 12, 2011

excuses, excuses + weekend wishes

(via we heart it)

Sorry for the post shortage this week-- I just got my internet hooked up last night.  Life without internet first seemed quaint, like I was playing "Little House on the Prairie".  And then I started going into blog-Pinterest-hulu withdrawal and it wasn't pretty.

The silver lining?  I dusted off my (tiny) DVD collection and played "The Devil Wears Prada"... one of my favorite books and movies.  So. Good. 

So, now that my excuses are over... I wish everyone a happy weekend!  The weather (at least in Indy) is be-au-ti-ful so it should be a good one.  I hope to take advantage of the sunny skies by exploring my new neighborhood :-)

Monday, August 8, 2011

weekend snapshots

The big move is complete!  I wasn't looking quite as glamorous as the moving girl in the Friday post, but still got the job done. The following were all taken in my cozy new 550 sq. foot apartment:

instagram bay window

I'm in a corner unit, so I have lots of light and great views.  Facing the street and surrounding parks is a pretty bay window.  I have a glass-table-with-two-chairs set that fits there perfectly!  

instagram Vera Bradley

My Vera Bradley collection housed about 75% of my belongings during the move. 

instagram Ikea catalog

My mom brought me the latest Ikea catalog, so I've started a list!  I'm going to get out my (pink) tape measure and work on getting dimensions.  The "living room" is really part living room, part kitchen with an island divider, and there are quite a few awkward little angles.  (My mom: "It's a.... challenging space.")

instagram nail polish

I have pretty much zero living room furniture, so my boxes are acting as coffee tables, ottomans, and footstools. (ps: the polish on the left is Essie in Allure... my latest favorite purchase.  Kate Middleton wore it on her wedding day!)

instagram Indy monument

My gorgeous view! (From the bay windows). 

Updates will be posted as soon as the ratio of cardboard to cute begins tipping the scales in the cute direction.  I'm way too excited to begin decorating! (Seriously, wayyy too excited.  Just ask my mom.)

Friday, August 5, 2011

have a great weekend!

(via 79 ideas)

This weekend is the big move--from my quasi-sorority house to my very own apartment. Eek adulthood is quickly approaching!  What I'm looking forward to most: decorating the space (with a tiny budget, of course), cooking (slash learning how to cook), and having very grown-up get togethers with my fellow grown-up friends (with appetizers and everything!).

Thursday, August 4, 2011

the kate spade color is finally blue!

August just got 10x better. 

Kate Spade Behind the Curtain blue
(via the weekly spade)

Ever since Kate Spade launched their monthly color campaign, I've been itching for blue to arrive.  It's my fave color without a doubt--it reminds me of the ocean and Kappa ("Blue is our color and blue is our other color")

And in other Kate Spade goodness, how adorable are their graphics?  They never seem to get it wrong. 

Kate Spade blue
(via the kate spade tumblr)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

incredible internships

fashion internships
(lucky interns at Tory Burch, Vera Bradley, Teen Vogue, and Rue.)

Oh the internship... the melting pot of nerves, excitement, and countless lessons learned.  My internship at Vera Bradley was the bee's knees, the cat's meow, and all of the above.  Sassy sayings aside, it was truly an experience that shaped me professionally, allowed me to grow personally, and provided me with quite the VB bag collection!

I know not everyone is as lucky as me (insert horror stories about copying papers and terrible bosses), but I've been loving all of the happy internship stories floating around the web.  Brushing shoulders with Tory Burch?  Being on the front-line of the shelter mag movement?  I'd schlep around in rain with a carrier of Starbucks for some of these opportunities!

What are your internship stories?  (Bad or good!)