Monday, August 8, 2011

weekend snapshots

The big move is complete!  I wasn't looking quite as glamorous as the moving girl in the Friday post, but still got the job done. The following were all taken in my cozy new 550 sq. foot apartment:

instagram bay window

I'm in a corner unit, so I have lots of light and great views.  Facing the street and surrounding parks is a pretty bay window.  I have a glass-table-with-two-chairs set that fits there perfectly!  

instagram Vera Bradley

My Vera Bradley collection housed about 75% of my belongings during the move. 

instagram Ikea catalog

My mom brought me the latest Ikea catalog, so I've started a list!  I'm going to get out my (pink) tape measure and work on getting dimensions.  The "living room" is really part living room, part kitchen with an island divider, and there are quite a few awkward little angles.  (My mom: "It's a.... challenging space.")

instagram nail polish

I have pretty much zero living room furniture, so my boxes are acting as coffee tables, ottomans, and footstools. (ps: the polish on the left is Essie in Allure... my latest favorite purchase.  Kate Middleton wore it on her wedding day!)

instagram Indy monument

My gorgeous view! (From the bay windows). 

Updates will be posted as soon as the ratio of cardboard to cute begins tipping the scales in the cute direction.  I'm way too excited to begin decorating! (Seriously, wayyy too excited.  Just ask my mom.)

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