Tuesday, September 27, 2011

currently reading: the gospel according to coco chanel

coco chanel gospel book

I'm taking a break from my normal chick lit reads to indulge in a little (exaggerated) nonfiction. Described as "a modern look at the life of a legendary fashion icon--with practical life lessons for women of all ages," the book thus far has been enlightening and pretty darn inspiring. Coco had some major sass!

sassy Coco Chanel

"Chanel was not just a straight talker, she was a back talker, a woman who embraced her own churlishness."

"You can't help thinking that Chanel's taste must have been genetic, that she discovered as a young woman what became her and never lost faith in it the way some of us do."

Chanel working

"It's an irony Chanel herself might have appreciated: To embody the Chanel style, it is not necessary to wear Chanel."

Chanel markers

I've got a few chapters to go, and the gems just keep coming... the sign of a good read!

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