Monday, October 3, 2011


Matchbook Mag pumpkins
I am not really a big Halloween person--never have been and probably won't ever be until I can dress up a cute little baby like an owl. I've never liked scary movies and have seen enough of those half witches smashed against a wall/door/pole. Although it's my first official holiday to decorate for, I was planning on simply skipping Halloween and those fake cobwebs.  

But one look at Matchbook mag's pumpkin Pinterest pinboard (say that 3x fast!) and I'm inspired to take another look at Halloween decor. The pumpkins the Matchbook gals have found show it is perfectly fine to be participate without skeletons and dripping paint/blood...just find that fine line between festive and (truly) frightening!

And thus, the quest for Halloween-chic began! 

chevron Halloween wreath

Martha Stewart poms

lace spiderweb
(The toy spider is the wildcard--if I am really getting into my newfound Halloween spirit.  If not, the black and lace will do just fine!)

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