Monday, November 28, 2011

the little + big things

Coming back to "life" after a weekend is hard enough already, but throw in a few extra days, time reunited with family, and an empty fridge, and I'm practically begging for another Thanksgiving weekend. My time at home was awesome-- everyone was home, laughter was plentiful, and goetta was devoured.

Having perfect weekends like that coupled with general "grateful" Thanksgiving-y feelings has left me feeling incredibly lucky. Thanksgiving was about the big ticket items--family, friends, health--and the tumblr just little things covers everything else. As "a list of little things we should appreciate", just little things is an exhaustive and ongoing collection of the things that can go right or induce smiles/giggles/warm and fuzzies/all of the above. (Check it out, and you will be amazed at how right it is!)

Happy Monday!

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  1. Yeah, so many little stuff we pay no attention to and take for granted.. thanks for pointing out =)