Thursday, December 1, 2011

traditional with a twist

Christmas attire can easily go the route of tacky (see evidence here). Enter the Ugly Sweater shirts by Vardagen--the Christmas sweater vibe without the actual Christmas sweater. (Psst: the gorgeous 3 models above are 3 of my sorority sisters! Total babes, right?!)

And another example of holiday clothes, done right: J.Crew.

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The artful mix of plaid, sequins, and bright red scream "festive"! I'm getting a little sick of my wardobe... and J.Crew flaunting their holiday collection of adorableness is not helping!

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  1. You are too sweet.. and you weren't kidding when you said you were showing this to everyone you know! Thanks for the love.

    I have a knack for going into the "tacky" side, this is great inspiration as usual!

    Sorority Sister #2 (AKA the total babe in the middle) HA!

    p.s. I started a blog, mostly thanks to you. I've only posted once so far, and I'm not super confident about it. Taking it slow. But visit anytime and don't judge the name (eek!), I don't have a catchy little name like Libby to go with :)