Sunday, January 29, 2012

a week in review {in pinterest}

Pinterest has been on my mind a lot lately--in both work and play. These are some of my favorite pins from this past week:

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

these are a few of my favorite things...

So obsessed with this print by watercolor extraordinaire, Caitlin McGauley... because a.) she is crazy-talented and b.) it features most of my favorite things: cozy knits, thick glasses, leopard print, etc, etc. 

Be sure to check out her site, shop, and blog!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

beauty on the brain

love learning about other people's beauty routines. Favorite products, techniques, resources--I just eat it up. Despite my love of Into the GlossBirchbox, and The Beauty Department, my "morning face" is pretty low-key. 

In true ITG fashion (girlfriend-to-girlfriend style), this is me:

"I'm pretty much a budget-drugstore-beauty-buyer (special Target brands, or low-end Sephora, if I'm getting fancy. You know those features Lucky Mag, Instyle, etc. do about make-up artists shopping at CVS or something? Totally up my alley. To attempt to save my street cred, I will mention I've been getting the Birchbox boxes for a few months now... so I really am trying to up my beauty game!

My everyday face is centered around the King of drugstore-beauty: the always adorable green and pink Great Lash mascara. I wish I could layer and shade my eyeshadow, or cat-eye my eyeliner, but I can't. So shimmery neutrals and a neat lashline it is. Lips are bare or balm, but I've been trying to work a little color in after receiving Jouer Birchbox pink lipgloss in my latest box. It is super pink without being super pink--ya know? 

My hair is pretty much a lost cause, so I'll skip over that and go straight to the good stuff: nails. Essie is my fave, but I'll also be pretty happy with Revlon, Sally Hansen, etc. My winter nails range from nude to navy blue to dark red to greige... I'm not too picky!

And I eat organic and drink TONS of water." Lies, but beauty people always say that. 

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

I saw, I pinned, I bought.

Pinned Image

It was love at first sight.

I first spied these Old Navy polka dot crew neck pullovers on the Daily Spark, the Matchbook Mag blog. One "Pin It" later, and I was out the door heading to the my local Old Navy. I knew it was fate when there was only 1 left of each color and I quickly snatched them up. They are different sizes, but hey--I embrace loose sweaters with open arms!

Thanks to Matchbook Mag for the post that led to the pin that led to the purchase. Keep the cute coming! :)