Thursday, March 15, 2012

diy douchebag jar

My family is a clan of "New Girl" super fans. (And "Modern Family", "Amazing Race."... etc, etc.) Zooey Deschanel is adorably quirky as Jess, and her leading men are seriously hilarious.  

My favorite roommate: loafer-wearing, neat-freak Schmidt. And my favorite Schmidt accessory: the douchebag jar. It's simple yet effective: say something stupid--put money in the jar. 

I decided to diy a jar for the birthday of a fellow "New Girl" fanatic, my younger brother Brian. (I'm saving a pair of Schmidt-like loafers for Christmas...) 

It was beyond easy:

1. Get a jar. 
2. Glue a pink Post-it to the jar. 
3. Write "douchebag jar" on the Post-it with a black marker. (I found an image of the jar online and traced the lettering to get as authentic as possible.)
4. Fill with dolla bills (or let the douche pay with his own bills).

 He loved it! I think it may get filled pretty quickly while hanging out at his fraternity house...

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