Saturday, April 28, 2012

kentucky derby // equestrian a la mode

an instagram: front row seats to the action!
Over Easter, my parents and I attended the opening day at Keeneland in Lexington, Kentucky. It was my first time at the races, but my mom--a Kentucky gal, born and raised--quickly showed my dad and I the ropes. My betting strategy was a bit off the beaten path... my money went to the horses with the best names :)

After my first $2 win (thanks, Let's Get Married!), I was hooked. The skies were blue and the horses were gorgeous!

I had such a great time at Keeneland that I desperately wish I could attend the Kentucky Derby next weekend. I love the dress-code: a big hat, pretty dress, and minty drink. Someday, I'll get there!

kentucky derby

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

patio daydreams

Maybe it's because our Indiana weather has taken a turn for the chilly side, or maybe I've been watching too many "Million Dollar Listing New York" episodes... but I can't stop thinking about sitting in the sun on this gorgeous NYC patio.

Give me a refreshing beverage and huge magazine, and I'd be good to go!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

the latest j.crew "superstylist"

When I first saw these looks, I thought it was just typical J.Crew brilliance. But upon further review, I spotted a source-- "superstylist" Gayle Spannaus. This new name was a mystery until a "Gayle on... Stripes" J.Crew email floated into my inbox a few days later, containing a little bio on the new/old J.Crew style spokeswoman.

"Gayle on...." may be the new "Jenna's Picks".... and with her 16 years J.Crew experience and Greenwich Village pedigree, I'm not fighting it!

1 | 2 | 3

Friday, April 20, 2012

happy weekend!

Rain or shine, I'm taking a page from Zooey's book and plan on keeping my "real shoes" time to a minimum this weekend. I'm in desperate need of some lounging... and maybe even some living room dancing :)

Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

geeking out

I'm back from Austin, and am feeling physically exhausted but mentally buzzed. The conference had great keynotes and really interesting speakers, and Austin itself is a rocking city!

A few things I've been geeking out about lately:

My Google Chrome browser extension that pushes web articles to the Kindle.

I'm forever surfing the web for interesting articles (about anything.. tech, web, fashion, design, health, etc) and discovered this handy extension as a way to save the articles for a later and more convenient time. It's so easy: find the article, click the button, and read on your Kindle. It was a major lifesaver during my travels--I had lots of reading materials for long flights and layovers!

The Quotes Pinterest board by the Wall Street Journal.

 News + Pinterest + Wit. The WSJ pins quotes from various articles and provides a little context in the captions. The quotes are too good, and I love that the WSJ thought outside of the box for their Pinterest strategy.

My new iPhone case! iphone case

Love, love, love! 

Enough tech talk for one night... time to check Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest/Facebook/Gmail before heading to bed ;)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

headed to tx, y'all!

Busy week/weekend ahead: I'm headed to Austin for a social media conference. On the agenda: note-taking by day, and Tex-Mex chowing by night... rinse and repeat!

And I love these embroidered state pillows. I've admired them for a while, but am working up to the $149 price tag. Oh, someday...someday!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

girl crush: gwyneth paltrow

Baby name aside, I'm a fan of Gwyneth Paltrow. (Apple, I'm talking to you...)

But I mean, she's explored Spanish cuisine and countryside with Mario Batali, sang pop tunes on Glee, and lives in London. Really, what's not to like?

I got a major kick out of her latest "see" post on goop detailing the Oscar dress. She broke down the entire process--from nomination to after-parties---and included pics from her primping party with bestie Cameron.

The first try at Oscar hair was a tousled bun--which I really, really like. The second and final pick: a sleek ponytail.

And the final result! Her stylist says that this Tom Ford gown was "the one", but even with such certainty, the gown-choosing process is long and complicated, with custom sketches, designer dialogues, a team of stylists to make her look like fabulous...

Oh #oscarproblems...

In other Gwyneth-related news: