Wednesday, April 18, 2012

geeking out

I'm back from Austin, and am feeling physically exhausted but mentally buzzed. The conference had great keynotes and really interesting speakers, and Austin itself is a rocking city!

A few things I've been geeking out about lately:

My Google Chrome browser extension that pushes web articles to the Kindle.

I'm forever surfing the web for interesting articles (about anything.. tech, web, fashion, design, health, etc) and discovered this handy extension as a way to save the articles for a later and more convenient time. It's so easy: find the article, click the button, and read on your Kindle. It was a major lifesaver during my travels--I had lots of reading materials for long flights and layovers!

The Quotes Pinterest board by the Wall Street Journal.

 News + Pinterest + Wit. The WSJ pins quotes from various articles and provides a little context in the captions. The quotes are too good, and I love that the WSJ thought outside of the box for their Pinterest strategy.

My new iPhone case! iphone case

Love, love, love! 

Enough tech talk for one night... time to check Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest/Facebook/Gmail before heading to bed ;)

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