Wednesday, July 3, 2013

balloon swoon: j.crew style guide, july 2013

I love J.Crew (s/o to my fictional gal pals Jenna and Gayle) and fancy balloons, so it's no surprise that the combination of the two makes me very, very happy. In the July 2013 edition of the J.Crew Style Guide, the fashion mecca paired with the NYC-based Balloon Saloon for the crewcuts spread. (Well, they only mention it on the pineapple page, but I'm guessing the Balloon Saloon is responsible for each creation?)

How fun would these be at a summer shindig? ("Say cheese next to the giant, towering anchor!")

I love that J. Crew is keeping crewcuts young and fun with this balloon spread. The mini models may rock that infamous Style Guide half-tuck, but can fish-face with the best of them!

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