Saturday, August 10, 2013

an east hampton getaway, powered by soulcycle

These days, you can't browse a blog, see a tweet or open a magazine without reading about SoulCycle. It has taken the Big Apple by storm! Now, it's no surprise that co-founder Elizabeth Cutler is fit and adorable, but it also appears she's also reaping the SoulCycle benefits in the form of East Hampton-perfection.  

Domaine Home took a tour of the Cutler family home (of Elizabeth, hubby and daughters Lucy & Nina) and it is pretty stunning. It's a perfect getaway home, with a beachy color palette, a comfortable (without being boring) vibe, and a backyard fit for lazy days by the pool. 

Love the coordinating green pom-pom trim on the curtains! And the wallpaper is a risk that definitely paid off. 

Read the story and see more photos on Domaine

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  1. Obsessed with this tour! What a (ridiculously) beautiful home.