Tuesday, September 10, 2013

obsessed: downton abbey

I don't know what rock I was hiding under 3 years ago when Downton Abbey premiered, but it is safe to say I've shed my shell and am absolutely addicted to the series. The show is full of all of my favorite things: love stories, fancy clothes, British accents, and witty zingers. 

A few favorite sassy ladies:

The battle of the matriarchs. Cousin Isobel tries her best, but there's no beating the Dowager. (Evidence: Sh*t the Dowager Countess Says). 

The Sisters Crawley: [tv] proof you can have it all: beauty, brains and balls (of the Pamuk-chaffeur-journalist variety). Michelle Dockery (Lady Mary) is this kind of icy perfection that you can't help but admire and fear. Love it. 

But my favorite part of the series: the "will they / won't they" drama between Matthew (oh-my-gosh-so-cute) and Mary. Spoiler alert: they will ... how could Mary resist his boyish charm?!

More on Matthew Crawley: he's my new crush and major Downton eye candy. Matthew (played by Dan Stevensis, in my humble opinion, the most handsome man on both sides of the Atlantic. (Swoon ...) Spoiler alert no. 2: I have no idea how I'll survive without seeing those baby blues on PBS next series. #stillcrying

During Matthew's lady-drama, he tweeted this: 

"But whose face should I eat...???"

I mean ... !!!

In conclusion, the US debut of series 4 (on January 5th) cannot come soon enough!

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  1. I am just so excited thinking about the new series. I just love Lady Mary!