Monday, October 14, 2013

motivation monday [no.2]

It's officially taper time! I ran my twenty miles on Saturday (that last half mile nearly killed me) and am really looking forward to not-as-long runs for the last 2 weekends before the race.

Newest inspiration: a few fitness-friendly instagram accounts. I check instagram pretty much constantly during the day, and it's nice to see a little pick-me-ups pop up. (If anything, it makes me rethink the trip down to the candy bowl!)

Ones to watch ... 

I love their guest posts - they let employees #takeover the account for the day, and followers get a firsthand look at their daily routines. (Lots of green smoothies and downward dogs!)


The age group swimmer in me geeks out at anything having to do with Natalie Coughlin. She's adorable, crazy-fast (and has the Olympic medals to prove it), competed on "Chopped" and appeared in Runner's World. Natalie is a huge foodie, and *almost* makes me want to grow a garden.


Legs for days! The Nike Running account makes me want to hit the pavement (or trail or beach or whatever ...) no matter the weather. As someone whose running routes are pretty routine, I love seeing what cool races and locales the team is running. 


It's a relatively new account, but I love the variety of sports they cover. It's pretty much how I envision life is like when you wear only Nike gear. (And have a six pack ...)


Any others I should be following?

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