Wednesday, October 23, 2013

motivation monday [no.3]

Ah, taper time. After my 20 miler, I was beyond happy that the mileage was going down. But ... tapering is hard. I've never tapered for a running race, but I am all too familiar with a swim taper. ('twas the time of the season where I turned cranky, anxious and drove everyone crazy). The questions and doubts were endless: If you rest too much - are you losing endurance/strength? If you don't rest enough, will you be tire too quickly? What's the fine line between carbo-loading and carbo-over-loading?

This time, I'm hoping to sing a different tune on land! To help, I've been taking advice from some experts at Runner's World ...

And, I've been loving recent race recaps of the Chicago marathon - the brutal honesty (puking! crying!) is refreshing but ter-ri-fy-ing!

Wish me luck for a successful taper!

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