Tuesday, February 11, 2014

loving // the waterlogue app

It was just another day, trolling my Instagram feed, when a few fancy photos caught my eye. I quickly clicked through (I'm a sucker for hashtags) and discovered the source of the pretty: Waterlogue. Despite coming in at a steep (for me*) $2.99, Waterlogue is my new favorite app. The gist: it turns your food/flower/vacation/home photos into beautiful (and realistic) watercolors.

I played around with a few photos on my Camera Roll (because Hilton Head looks pretty good compared to this #polarvortex thing IN has going on) and loved the results! The app offers a few different watercolor settings, ranging from Bold to Blotted, and can save the photo to your phone or send to your sharing apps.

*I really hardly ever spend money on apps ... I think long and hard about even a $.99 purchase! So spending 3 bucks on an app? Big deal.

all photos via my iPhone!

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