Thursday, February 6, 2014

psyched for sochi!


 I'm a major fan of the Olympics. Sure, I may favor the Summer session (it's the retired swimmer in me + ... abs!), but I really do love it all. I get sucked into the ceremonies, the background stories and the scenery. Fun fact: I was studying abroad during the 2012 Olympics in Vancouver and I remember watching events while couch surfing in Paris, hanging at our host Amelie's apartment!

The Winter Olympics is my dad's jam: he's a huge skier. He's been a ski instructor for over 30 years, and can rattle off the ski leaders like I know The Bachelor contestants. I'll never catch up to his level of knowledge, but I'm excited to follow along!

One name I do know: Nick Goepper, a freeskier from my Indiana hometown (that's him, catching big air in the image above). Nick was a part of our swim team carpool and a very frequent visitor to our community pool where my brothers and I were lifeguards. You should see him on the diving board!

He's also a featured athlete in the P&G Thank You Mom campaign, which I love, love, love! (London's commercial will forever make me tear up, and this year's is just as good). I get a major kick out of seeing Nick filmed at home in Hidden Valley and at Perfect North Slopes. It's too funny to see our neighborhood and local ski area on the news!

Good luck to Nick and all of the US Olympians competing in Sochi! 

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