Saturday, February 14, 2015

snow bunny bound

Après inspiration! #lilly5x5

I'm Lake Tahoe-bound! I'm meeting up with my family (minus the baby bro, who is thisclose to finishing school and gracing us with his presence on trips again) in Reno, then we are headed to California for a week of skiing in Lake Tahoe. My mom's cousin and her husband have a house in Squaw Valley, and I can't wait! 

It's been a lonnnng time since I've been on a ski trip  and I'm a bit nervous at the thought of hills bigger than Perfect's! But, regardless of my (lack of) ski abilities, I'm excited to see a new place and spend some time in the great outdoors. 

My mantra for the week: 
  • Layer (the forecast is warm, so we might be shedding throughout the day)
  • Lean (if I had a dollar for every time my  dad has told me to lean forward in my boots...)
  • Live  (... A little. Because it's Lake Tahoe, baby, and I'm alive!

Lake Tahoe Skiers

Bridget Bardot goes barehanded with a light headscarf in the Southern Alps of Italy. Our thoughts: Oeuvre d'art.

on the slopes

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

loving // floral trainers

These trainers from Boden ... wannnnt! I've been digging the idea of a non-athletic athletic shoe for a while, and these beauties are right up my alley. Floral (check), comfy (how could they not be - check), blue and white (my favorite - double check). And bonus points for being British ... anglophile habits die hard!

The verdict? Perfect for spring on the mean streets of downtown Indy.